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Preventative dentistry preserves your healthy teeth and gums and helps you prevent dental cavities and oral disease. Let Nokomis Dental Center work with you on caring for your beautiful smile!

Improve your smile with restorative and cosmetic services.

• Routine cleanings - advised every 6 months

• Scaling and root planing - deep cleaning for early to moderate stages of gum disease

• Sealants - a protective coating placed on the biting surface of a tooth to help prevent decay

Cleanings and sealants

• Chemotherapeutic therapy for early gum disease - topical antibiotic treatment to help prevent the progression of gum disease

• Brux guards - a protective appliance for when you grind or clench your teeth

Other treatments

Your visit begins with a screening for oral cancer, decay,defective restorations, gum disease, proper occlusion and tooth attrition (wear) from grinding or clenching your teeth.


Our intraoral camera allows you to see the condition of your teeth and gums as we project the image of your mouth on a monitor. You're involved in your care and can better understand our treatment recommendations.


Digital x-rays reduce your exposure to x-rays by 50% to 70% and improve the diagnostic quality and accuracy of the image. Since the image appears on our monitors, it also allows us to show you any areas of concern.


Our office now  uses  Carivu--Caries Detection Technology. It is a new technology that uses translumination and a near-infrared light source to detect cavities on the biting surfaces, interproximal surfaces, and new or recurrent decay around existing restorations. There is no radiation associated with the procedure, so it is a safe diagnostic tool to use for patients who want to minimize their exposure to radiation in between preventative appointments. It also detects hairline cracks on the biting surface which are common in patients who grind their teeth.

Let's start with a comprehensive examination

Your smile and oral health are our primary concern

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